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Applicator "Kandi Kane" for Hotfix Rhinestones + 8 Tips

€45.95 Incl. 16% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost
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Applicator "Kandi Kane" for Hotfix Rhinestones + 8 Tips

Heating Power: 6.5Watt

The set includes:

  • Rhinestone Applicator "Kandi Kane"
  • Rack for the applicator
  • Tip for SS6 Hotfix Rhinestones
  • Tip for SS10 Hotfix Rhinestones
  • Tip for SS16 Hotfix Rhinestones
  • Tip for SS20 Hotfix Rhinestones
  • Tip for SS30 Hotfix Rhinestones
  • Tip for SS34 Hotfix Rhinestones
  • 4mm Flat Tip for Hotfix Gemstones, Semi Pearls and Rivets
  • 9mm Flat Tip for Hotfix Gemstones, Semi Pearls and Rivets
  • New: Cleaning Brush
  • Users manual

The Applicator can be used only for Hotfix Rhinestones, Hotfix Gemstones, Hotfix Semi Pearls and Hotfix Rivets. Applicable on fabrics, leather, glass, wood, paper, plastic, etc.

The applicator will be ready for use after 5 minutes preheating time. Pick up the hotfix rhinestone with the applicator tip (the stone sits in the tip), wait some seconds until the glue layer on the bottom of the rhinestone melts, then put the rhinestone on the material of your choise. All materials like leather, glass, wood, paper, plastic and many more can be pasted.
The Flat Tips are made for the Hotfix Rivets, Semi Pearls and Shaped Stones. Put the rivet, semi-pearl or shaped stone on the spot and press it with the Flat Tip until the glue melts.
If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Manufacturer: Kandi Corp

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