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Strass 244: Special glue for Rhinestones of Hasulith

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Strass 244: Special glue for Rhinestones of Hasulith

A special colourless, solvent-borne one-component adhesive to glue glass-, strass- or simili-rhinestones (e.g. Preciosastones) with a diameter up to 5 mm (equivalent to Preciosa SS22) to a variety of materials. The adhesive has a long dosing point. Applying of the adhesive is very simple by the fine point. Amount: 20 ml 
Ideally for glueing jewel and plastic (e.g. mobile phone)

Strass 244 don`t form threads on application and can be applicated dropwise. This glue is hard and crystal-clear, so gluing borders or some excess of adhesive spilled on the stone will be nearly invisible. The dried Strass 244 will not turn yellow or brown on aging or exposure to light. Strass 244 is Recommended for the gluing of Strass-, glass-, or simili-rhinestones especially to metals - but also to materials like glass, ceramics, china and hard plastics like Polyacrylates.

! Attention ! Not recommended for gluings on materials like Polystyrene , PVC, Styropor®, PE, PP, rubber, Nylon or other kind of soft plastics. Plastic stones can not be glued with Strass 244 because the solvents in the adhesive will attack the plastic stones. For gluing plastic stones we recommend our solvent-free Dispersion Glue (Art.-Nr. SSKD) For gluing of bigger stones (more than 5 mm in diameter) we recommend the Vielzweckkleber (Art.-Nr. SSKVZW)


Manufacturer: Hasulith

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