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Dispersion glue: Special glue for gem stones of Hasulith

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Dispersion glue: Special glue for gem stones of Hasulith

A highly flexible dispersion glue without solvents and plasticisers. The Dispersion glue is not machine-washable. Amount: 80 ml

Ideal for gluing textiles.

The appearance is milky-white, but when dry it becomes colourless-clear and transparent. Recommended for the gluing of paper and cardboard (coated or printed as well), wood, metals, glass, leather, fabrics, stone, ceramics, mother-of-pearl, foamed polystyrene, hard plastics like PS, Acrylics, ABS, hard PVC... and many other materials. HASULITH® Dispersion Glue P is also suitable for the gluing of solventsensitive materials (like e.g. metallized plastic stones). HASULITH® Dispersion Glue P is NOT recommended for gluing of PE,PP, Nylon, soft PVC, rubber or other soft plastics.


Manufacturer: Hasulith

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