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Multipurpose Adhesive of Hasulith

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Multipurpose Adhesive of Hasulith

A colourless, clear, acid-free, solventborne one-component Multi-Purpose-Adhesiv. The adhesive is suitable for surfaces like for example wood, metal, glass, porcelain, leather and many hard plastics. We recommend the adhesive for rhinestones as from 5mm. Amount: 31 ml
Ideally for gluing jewel, textiles and plastic (e.g. mobile phone) recommended by gogoritas

This glue dries crystal-clear. Gluing borders or small excess of adhesive spilled on the glued object will be nearly invisible in most cases. Short drying time, high bonding strength, reasonable price and the variety of possible applications are other merits of this adhesive. HASULITH® Vielzweckkleber is used for the manufacturing of fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry, hair ornaments and accessories, toys, gifts, souvenirs, arts and crafts ... and in many other related fields of application.

Recommended for the gluing of metals, glass, ceramics and china, stone, leather, wood, felt, fabrics, paper, cardboard and some hard plastics (like e.g. Polyacrylates (Plexi), ABS and Celluloseacetates). The diameter of the stones should be about 5 mm or bigger. For gluing semi-precious-stones (e.g. lapis-lazuli, turquois, carnelian...) HASULITH® Vielzweckkleber is only recommended if the stones are not lubricated or greased for better gloss.

! Attention ! It is not recommended for gluing materials like PVC, PET, Styropor®, PE, PP, rubber, Nylon or soft plastics.


Manufacturer: Hasulith

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