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For your loved ones or for yourself

We all know when Christmas is. We all do. The date is the same each and every year. But we keep forgetting it again and again which results in panic driven shopping tours and last-minute buys which hopefully fit the recipient. Okay lovelies, let’s get started on time this year. We have something for your sister, your mother,

your best friend or even yourself. And yes, it is okay to give yourself a present for Christmas. How about a sparkling bracelet, these copper earrings or some BeCharmed beads for all the collectors out there?


24 doors of pure pleasure

Let’s admit it: We all love advent calendars. It started in our childhood and hasn’t stopped ever since. And we need them for the next 20 years. But as we are big girls now, our standards have changed: The chocolate better stay the same, but the look has to fit

into our interior vibes and the Christmas decoration. We know the struggle. And the solution to all your problems is our DIY calendar which is simple, yet stunning and obviously sparkling.