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Extremely strong Two-Component adhesive of Swarovski

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Label: Topseller
Extremely strong Two-Component adhesive of Swarovski

This is a very flexible and extremely strong two-component Epoxy Resin adhesive, which has been especially developed for gluing Crystals. Ideal for gluing crystal, glass, ceramic, stone, aluminum, brass, silver, steel, paper, cork, wood, rubber, PC, PS, PVC / ABS, glass stones and rhinestones. recommended by Swarovski

Application: The surfaces to be glued must be clean, dry and free from oil or grease. Place component A (Epoxy Resin) and component B (Hardener) in a 1:1 ratio in a mixing container and mix the two components. Using a gluing aid, add an appropriate quantity of glue to the two surfaces to be glued and place them together exerting a light pressure. The activation time of the adhesive is about 60 minutes at room temperature. Remove any surplus glue with a dry cloth. Reseal both tubes. Store in a cool dry place.


производитель: Swarovski

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