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Swarovski Crystals 1088 Crystal (001) Moonlight Both Sides (MOL2X)

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Crystal (001)

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Use Swarovski Crystals 1088 Crystal (001) Moonlight Both Sides (MOL2X) for an individual embellishment of your everyday objects and textiles. Swarovski Crystals are also called Swarovski Elements, Crystallized Swarovski Elements or Swarovski STRASS.

Component Id: 1088

Effects: Moonlight Both Sides (MOL2X)

Foiling: Unfoiled (U)

Packing Unit: 1440

Stone Color: Crystal (001)

System Nr: 5041977

номенклату́рный но́мер: 1088P14001MOL2X

System #: 5041977

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