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Mother's Day


Gift inspirations for the best mother in the world

Because mom has been there for us when our hearts were broken for the first time and when dad didn’t want to give us any sweets. Because we ended up destroying her lipstick when we secretly tried it on when we were five years old and blamed it on the cat. Because of all the lunchboxes and all the other fabulous things

mom did for us. Because of all these things, she is the one deserving a treat now. Something with a lot of love. Discover our DIY ideas for mother’s day and show your mom some love – and a little sparkle.



For our facial & body scrub (best made with a lot of love) you need this:

Coconut oil, rosewater and sugar.


Sugar (200g / 1 cup) + coconut oil (100g / ½ cup) + rosewater (1-2 tbsp.)

If you add a little love, it will turn out even more fabulous and if you add liquid

food colouring, you can make it rose coloured.